Since I first started in church, I have heard a phrase that has perplexed me a lot. In scripture, and in several worship songs, I remember references to God being able to move mountains.

I always wondered, why would God want to move a mountain. I have no doubt He can, but why would He do it. Mountains are cool. Mountains are beautiful, why would he make them crumble?

This past week, I realized that mountains weren’t beautiful. I realize mountains were huge and impassable. I realized mountains are insurmountable climbs we cannot see over.  I realized mountains are in-between me, and peace.

Some people have bigger mountains than others. That thing that some people have to get over takes a lot more moving.

I watched God move a mountain this week.

At West Ridge, we are doing a series called “Generosity Experiment.” The idea is that everyone brings $1 above their tithes to our service and we find someone who is hurting and could use help. We use the money to help them.

A woman in Cartersville didn’t have a home. Not only did she not have a home, but she also had 4 kids. So a woman, and her four kids didn’t have a home. Due to circumstances, she was living on the street, in her car, and in drug infested hotel rooms.

Due to the generosity of the people that make up West Ridge Church, she will now be living in a town home with all four of her kids and will have rent and utilities covered for the next 6 months.

God can move mountains, and God can move entire mountain ranges. I watched God move a mountain range this week. Check it out:

Generosity Experiment: Week 1 Results Video from West Ridge Church on Vimeo.


I have to start this post by saying it was inspired by something T.R. Wilhoit will be writing in the near future about what it means to have a revelation and how we express it socially. Keep a look out for that.

I try to blog once a week to help keep track of what I am learning through my internship at West Ridge and just in life. Some weeks it is much harder than others to put out content. I just am not sure what to write about. Then there are weeks where I type my blog out on my phone in a bit of inspiration. It’s those times where I am reading something new, or I’ve had an experience and revelation.

Those times where I can’t wait to blog are always incredible. I love those moments because it means that the Lord is teaching me something that I am overwhelmingly excited to share. I want to blog it, tweet it, meet for lunch about it, and share it through every avenue possible.

I think a great comparison is that “new love” feeling. That moment in your heart where you find out the girl actually likes you. Or that moment after your first date, or kiss. Your heart is overflowing with joy because the object of your desire is giving you some of their attention. You go home and tell your roommates. You call your mom about it. You want the world to know!!

Maybe those overflow moments are somewhat the same. Maybe those moments where I can’t wait to sit down and blog are the moments where I realize the Lord is giving me attention. Maybe, if I am not having those moments, I am temporarily blind to what God is doing in my life. Maybe if I am not consistently having those moments, I’m not spending enough time with Him. Maybe I’m not pursing Him on a daily basis. Maybe I’m not being thankful and reflecting on the work He is doing inside of me.

I was inspired this week in our Sunday morning production meeting when our worship leader, Andrew Pray, was giving a devotional to the band and production volunteers. God had been teaching him from a book he was reading and you could hear his excitement to share with the team. It was an overflow of what God was working inside of his heart.

I want that overflow to be constantly something that other people see in me. I want to feel like writing a blog every day because of what God is teaching me. In order to experience an overflow, I must be constantly be filling up instead of getting by on fumes. I must be more intentional with those times I spend with the Lord each day.

Hopefully, you will see a shift in my blog over the next couple weeks as I hash out this idea and figure out how I can spend more time filling up and less time just getting by.