Leadership Lessons from Kid President Pt.1

If you’ve never checked out the Kid President videos, you need to. He has been a source of inspiration for me over the last couple of weeks. Not only are his videos entertaining and inspiring, they are a great example for leaders.

In his most popular video, “Pep Talk”, he displays something throughout the video that all leaders should display. Honesty. Check it out below:

The video starts out with a BOLD statement: “The world needs to stop being so boring.” Kid President is addressing the problem. From his perspective as “Kid President” he has called us out for being boring. He makes sure we understand that he means us!

Good leaders should never be afraid to address the problem. No matter where you lead, issues will always come up. There will almost always be a time where you are leading someone who is not performing to expectations. As leaders, we have to address it specifically to who we need to step up their game.

Kid President establishes we are all a part of the same team. His honesty shines in showing he wants what is best for us as a team. As the world. Leaders build trust by establishing that together we are all a part of the solution. Honesty.

Where can you greater display honesty with your team? Where is performance down and when will you address it?

Check back next week for more leadership lessons from Kid President.


Sweet Spots

I’m a big fan of Jon Acuff and his Quitter movement. He talks a lot about what you should be doing vs. what you are doing. I read a quote tweeted by my friend Charlton the other day that said something along the lines of “The things you do when you’re procrastinating are probably the things you should be doing for a living.”

I think there is a lot of truth to that statement. We should always be striving to do more of what we are designed to do, whether or not it is part of our job title.

Even when you get in a position you really like, you’re naturally going to have tasks you like and you don’t like. I love the internship I am in. I am constantly learning a lot and finding new things I enjoy, and new things I don’t enjoy.

This past week I have gotten a couple of tasks that I know that I am going to get so much energy getting to be a part of.

One of those things was video switching. I had practiced switching a couple times while preparing for the role, but this past Sunday I got to switch for the first time. I think it will soon become a sweet spot. It was my first time, so it was far from perfect, but I think it gave a good idea of what its like to find a sweet spot in my current job.

Another opportunity I am getting is to work on is developing the communication strategy for recruiting new interns for next year. Every leader should always be attempting to replicate themselves and I am getting a very literal chance.

I am getting to design and formulate where and when we are reaching out.  Being a former marketing major and a current communication major this is right up my ally. It allows me to dream big.

No matter what kind of job you’re in now, look for your sweet spots. Those moments that you spend doing those tasks will help you thrive in other areas. They’ll give energy to you other daily tasks.

Halfway Point

It’s January, and that means I am at the halfway point of my internship at West Ridge Church. It’s been an awesome experience this far. Not only am I learning a lot about working in full time ministry, but also I am learning a lot about myself. I thought I would take some time and review some of the things I have learned this far in my internship:


I had the opportunity to serve in other ministries before taking on this internship at West Ridge. I learned a lot about ministry in that time, but also dealt with a lot of frustration. Through a book we read and time with the interns, I’ve learned a lot about spiritual gifts. I’ve learned that a lot of the frustrations I have dealt with in the past were based not understanding my gifts or the gifts of those around me. I think in order for people to work together, we have to understand how each of us is wired. Once we have a good understanding of our wiring, we can do all sorts of things together.


I’ve learned, without a doubt, things will be tough. I have no doubt that God has placed me here in the season he has to learn to deal with tough situations. Tough situations can range from equipment that quits working suddenly, to dealing with the passing of two staff members, or even just working with other people. Full time ministry has all of the same hard parts of any job, with some added. I’ve learned how to better deal with the situations. From talking it through with mentors to seeking God’s wisdom through prayer and scripture.


Now, as a communication intern, communication may seem like an obvious skill requirement.  Although I may be a good communicator and deal well with others, the people I may be working with may not be. Doing communications in a church is a job that requires you to have a 10,000 foot view as the church ministry as a whole. You have to filter through all of the events and happenings at the church to the ones that fullfil and accomplish your churches mission. You have to decipher what your “audience” needs to know most. You cannot be a part of a communication/media team without fully embracing the vision of your church or organization.


I read the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff several months ago in the beginning of my internship. I absolutely loved it with every ounce of my being and was inspired to be a “doer” of love. I was inspired to make an impact on people the way Bob Goff did by genuinely loving. The biggest issue I had was figuring out what it looked like for my life. I’m not a well off lawyer who has sold a bunch of books and is an adult with a family. I had a hard time applying it to my life. I learned through Andrew Pray, our worship pastor who passed away tragically that Love Does looks different for each person. Although I may not be in the same situation as Bob or Andrew, I can be just as intentional. Andrew made a huge impact on his community by being intentional with those he lead. As this summer approaches and I will be in charge of a team of 22 college students, I am working on ways to have that same kind of impact and intentionality with the people God has entrusted me to lead.


Several of the lessons I have learned while being at West Ridge have come front God using several different channels to tell me. He has used messages on Sunday, meetings, lunches, and conversations to speak different things into my life. I’ve learned that He does that more often than not, it’s just a matter of listening.


One of my biggest mistakes in applying for my internship was the motivation that I didn’t want to lead. I wanted to be somewhere I could soak in good leadership and not have to lead. I realized I am not built that way. God has wired me as a leader. In fact, He made leadership my greatest spiritual gift. To look for an opportunity to not use it was just lazy and cause me to be uncomfortable in the beginning. Thankfully I have gotten over that discomfort through certain tasks at West Ridge and things outside of West Ridge. Good leaders can work under and take in good leadership without giving up their own leadership. Mentorship is key.


I heard somewhere once “Preparation begets presence.” I liked that. I love being over-prepared and planning in advance. It gives me security and confidence in what I am doing. What I’ve learned is that sometimes, our preparation doesn’t matter. There were SO MANY instances in the last 5 months where plans completely changed. My first taste of this was our 15th anniversary service we spent so much time planning and prepping for. God had a different plan. Just as the first song was starting, the power went out. A transformer blew and we had service in the dark. We also dealt with the passing of our worship leader. Despite all the Christmas planning up until that point, everything had to be re-hashed out. Thankfully he was very organized and had much of the work done already. I think it’s safe for us to always prepare, knowing that God may have other plans.


I’ve learned more about simplistic modern design than I thought I would. By no means am I creative force in this area or even claim to be good. But at least at this point I know what good print and modern web design should look like and I can help take things that don’t flow well and help them flow much better.


The last lesson I will mention (but by far not the end of the lessons I’ve learned) is that you only really have one boss in ministry. While there may be a chain of command in your church, your only goal is to answer the calling God has put on your heart. While you may have people over you in your area, don’t focus on impressing them. Focus on the calling that God has given you and don’t let things get in the way of it.



1553 copy

Humility is a characteristic in someone I greatly admire.

A lot of the time I don’t realize I admire it. It’s a quiet characteristic in that it can go unnoticed.

Humility isn’t hard. It really only takes remembering that without Christ, your life is but a mist. Anything and everything you do is empowered by the Lord working in you. You can do nothing on your own.

Sometimes we become un-humble. Our pride fills our eyes with our importance.

My friend/boss/coworker reminded me tonight of the importance a mentor can play in your quest for humility. We need to have someone in our live that we invite to humble us. We need someone who encourages us, but also keeps it real with us.

Living with a spirit of humility can be a catalyst for the fulfillment of your calling.

When we set “me” aside, and realize how humbling it is the Lord of all creation has chosen to use us.

Do you have that person that can keep you straight? Do you have a friend who helps humble you? If not, I encourage you to find that person and invite them to help keep you humble.

The Cost of Eternal Glory

This past week at West Ridge Church, where I intern, we lost our worship pastor (Andrew Pray) in a tragic accident. It was a heartbreaking and surreal loss to suffer the week of Thanksgiving or any other time.

It was tough for the whole of our church family and surrounding church families. It’s hard to see God’s purpose in the middle of these situations. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense to us. The Prince of Air has blinded us with a me-centered gospel. We forget God’s plans are bigger than ours.

Our pastor, Brian Bloye, gave an incredible message the Sunday following our loss on how to deal with suffering and loss. Definitely something worth watching. In that message, he used a verse from 1 Peter 5:10 which says:

“After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you”

This verse stood out to me, and even as I write it for the 3rd time in preparing for this post I am realizing the power of it. This verse has an incredible promise and lets us see into how God’s economy works.

If you are a follower of Christ, you have been called to an eternal glory where you will spend the rest your days looking in the face of our Creator. Before we can experience this glory, the Bible says that we will have troubles. But, in God’s economy there is beauty at the end of suffering. He puts us through a cycle that gives purpose to our suffering.

First, God promises to RESTORE US. His promise is that after our suffering, God will bring us back to the place we were. He pulls us out of the pit and back to the place before our suffering. He will mount us on “wings like eagles.”

Second, God promises to CONFIRM US. After restoring us to the place we were before, God reminds us of who we are in Him. He reminds us of our purpose and the gifts He has given us to accomplish that purpose. He reaffirms our heart in the pursuit of Him and our sanctification.

Third, God promises to STRENGTHEN US. After being restored and affirmed in the path God has taken us on, He makes us stronger. Not only does He lift us out of our low place, but he sets us higher. He makes us stronger than before.

Lastly, God promises to ESTABLISH US. He doesn’t only pick us up, set us straight, make us stronger. God gives us a landing place in our new strength. He gives us footing to keep marching onward to the path of righteousness.

Its an incredible cycle that the Lord uses in our lives. During what seems like our darkest hour, it’s a cycle we wished we were never a part of. None of us wish to be broken, but that state of brokenness is where the Lord is able to restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish in a greater place. It’s the marvelous beauty of sanctification. It is the divine development of our souls towards being made more and more in the image of the One who came to Earth for us.

Where in your life are you at a point of brokenness that God is getting ready to use this cycle in your life?